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One of the most exciting and enjoyable aspects of purchasing a new home is determining which style best suits you and your unique needs. While you can customize the interior of your new luxury home based on the decor style that you prefer, it can be more of a challenge to fit the exact home build and design that is perfectly matched to your aesthetic. Fortunately, when looking for Brookhaven, Georgia luxury real estate, you can enjoy a wealth of options.
The community of Brookhaven features a variety of architectural housing styles, from classic Craftsman builds to sleek contemporary homes. This guide walks you through a few of the most popular architectural housing styles in the area, so you can narrow down just what your dream home will look like. Peruse a few of our favorite Brookhaven home designs, courtesy of Will Letton, Atlanta's premier real estate agent.

Brookhaven is a beautiful, luxurious community

One of Atlanta's newest hot housing destinations, Brookhaven is located just inside I-285's northern boundaries. Diverse and exciting, Brookhaven features some of the most stunning homes in Georgia. While the area has a wide variety of condos and townhomes, it also has a wide variety of luxury family homes. Those lucky enough to call Brookhaven home will enjoy all kinds of premium entertainment just steps away from their front door, including fine dining, shopping, and golf courses.
Brookhaven is made up of both residential and commercial properties, and with top-notch schools as well as beautiful scenery, it's likely that Brookhaven will continue to be a major draw for Atlanta residents for some time to come. Whether you are a longtime Atlanta resident or are new to the balmy state of Georgia, Brookhaven has plenty to offer.

Six fabulous architectural housing styles in Brookhaven

Fashion-forward as well as inclusive, Brookhaven is an area where you get to know and love your neighbors. When it comes to real estate options, there's something to suit every taste and design preference - if you manage to strike while the iron is hot. There are a lot of various architectural styles on display in Brookhaven, but a few distinct styles have risen to the forefront. Here are six of our favorite architectural housing styles in Brookhaven.


While the image of a bungalow-style home can conjure up a wide variety of styles and home designs, a classic bungalow is a simple, sleek design that is usually just one story high. They are raised from the sidewalk and usually feature verandas and charming overhanging eaves. Bungalows are typically designed to use space very efficiently, with lots of handy built-in closets and stacked shelving for extra storage.
Bungalows are anything but cramped, however. Although most bungalows are designed to be compact, they also feature lots of open spaces and great natural lighting. With the large windows in a bungalow-style home, you will be able to enjoy the sunsets and sunrises like never before - and when it comes to curb appeal, you can't do much better than the incredible gabled roof that usually adorns a bungalow home.

Craftsman style

Craftsman homes have long been one of the most desired architectural home designs due to their charming appearance. A style that emerged from the American Craftsman movement at the turn of the 20th century, Craftsman homes were originally designed to be small to medium-sized, but these days, they can be built to nearly any custom specification. A few key characteristics of Craftsman homes include low-pitched roofs with protruding single or double gables and overhanging eaves, wide, open front porches with thick columns, stone or stucco accents, and large bay or picture windows.
Homeowners love Craftsman homes for their unique symmetrical or asymmetrical structure and traditional wood siding. Originally, Craftsman homes were finished with earth tones, but these days, many recognize Craftsman homes for the out-of-the-box colors utilized by builders, colors such as teal, soft blue, sage, rich red, and yellow.


While the idea of a ranch-style home might conjure up images of Western lodges and rustic interiors, most ranch houses are quite sleek and modern. Ranch homes first gained widespread popularity in the 1940s, experiencing a resurgence in the 1970s. Most ranch homes feature a single-story and a wide, open floor plan, although a number of ranch homes are built on a split-level floor plan as well. There is a heavy emphasis on indoor-outdoor living, as many ranch-style homes feature full basements that open up to expansive patios and beautiful backyards. If you have a lot of land or are planning on spending a lot of time outside enjoying the warm Atlanta breezes, a ranch home might be the perfect option for you.
Ranch homes are usually easy to expand upon later - so once you find your dream home, you can customize it later to your exact specifications, adding additional bedrooms or living areas.


Colonial-style homes might have evolved from European influences, but these days, they are thought of as a distinctly American architectural style. Traditionally Colonial homes are two stories, with four rooms on each floor of the home, lending Colonial homes their unique "boxy" look that many recognize them for. Over the decades, several distinct subsections of Colonial homes have emerged, each with its own unique look. These include:
  • British Colonial. This architectural style has been in production since the 1600s and features a wood-frame construction, as well as an open floor plan and a fireplace at the center.

  • Saltbox. This Colonial design is so named because the earliest Saltbox-style homes were constructed with the repurposed wood from salt containers. These usually include a brick chimney and an understated front.

  • Cape Cod style. Cape Cod-style homes are charming and distinctive, featuring a centrally-positioned front door, a staircase, and a side-gabled roof. While Cape Cod-style houses tend to be more prominent on the east coast of the United States, they are popular in coastal areas all across the country.

  • Dutch Colonial. With gambrel roofs and a symmetrical exterior, Dutch Colonial-style homes are often constructed out of brick or stone and usually have split doors that can be half-opened from the center.
The Brookhaven area boasts a variety of Colonial-style homes to suit any taste. When you purchase a luxury Colonial home in Brookhaven, you are owning a piece of American history that dates back hundreds of years. If you have decided that you want to purchase a Colonial home, let your real estate agent know right away since these homes tend to go very quickly.


Those with modern tastes might opt for one of Brookhaven's contemporary or new construction homes. Contemporary style homes were first popularized in the 1960s and are asymmetrical in form. With clean, simple lines and lots of smooth textures, as well as an abundance of natural light, contemporary homes are the perfect option for someone who wants to keep things minimal and clean in terms of decor.

Modern farmhouse

Farmhouse homes aren't just for the country anymore. Homeowners all over the United States sing the praises of farmhouse homes, which are typically modern interpretations of the classic family farmhouse model. Modern farmhouse homes are charming and feature lots of curb appeal. They are typically designed to be rectangular in structure, with a porch that offers plenty of room for lounging the day away or watching the sun go down in the evenings. Most farmhouse-style homes have two stories, though many are designed to be single-story with a basement area.
The appeal of a modern farmhouse is that it can be decorated to fit any design preference - and while you certainly don't have to complement your spacious kitchen with down-home elements like roosters and cows, many happy homeowners love to add a classic touch of country elegance to their farmhouse. Let the southern hospitality that Atlanta is known for inspire you as you embark upon your journey to personalize your Brookhaven luxury home.

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If you are looking to make Atlanta your home, look no further than the peaceful, luxurious community of Brookhaven. With a host of amenities, beautiful surroundings, and lots of architectural options, you will feel right at home in Brookhaven. Of course, when you need to find the right home, it's important to work with the right realtor - and Will Letton is an Atlanta real estate agent who cares. A top performer at Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby's International Realty, Will specializes in Atlanta's premier neighborhoods, including Brookhaven, and takes a hands-on approach to every property that he is involved with.
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