Increase Your Home’s ROI with These 5 Easy Steps

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Eventually, most long-term homeowners are in the mood for a change. Perhaps your job has relocated you to a new city, or the kids have grown up and you no longer need so much space. Either way, it is important to consider your return on investment (ROI) before getting ready to sell your home.

The Buckhead neighborhood is a unique southern paradise in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. Buckhead real estate, which is plentiful, could be the perfect new place for you and yours given its highly-rated public schools, vibrant diversity, and popping nightlife. Before you sell your house and start perusing the homes for sale in Buckhead, take a look at these five ways to improve your ROI.

Add to the curb appeal

When you begin working with a real estate agent to sell your home, you will likely hear them talk about curb appeal. This term refers to the aesthetic attractiveness of your home from the curbside. It is a phrase used to encapsulate the first impressions a buyer may have on your home as they pull up in their car.

The curb appeal of your home encompasses a number of things: landscaping, the state of your paint job, and the general approachability of your home. Enhancing this component of your home can add to your ROI by increasing your home’s value. When your home is on the market along with other homes for sale in Buckhead, investing in a revamped exterior is a great way to increase the number and the dollar amounts of offers on your home.

A knowledgeable real estate agent will tell you that first impressions can have a big impact on the sale value of your home. If your home appears worn down, that impression may stick with potential buyers and lead them to think that offering down is a winning strategy. In contrast, well-kept homes with pleasant curb appeal may increase buyer offers because prospective buyers may believe the competition is likely to heat up on the house you’re trying to sell.

Keeping your lawn healthy, with hedges trimmed and weeds pulled, can go a long way. If it has been a while since your last paint job, perhaps it’s time to invest in a do-it-yourself paint project, which can be cost-effective and not as labor-intensive as you’d think.

Incorporate automated intelligence into your home

Real estate agents have articulated that growing numbers of potential homebuyers are searching for intelligent devices in their homes. Having a “smarter” house adds to the appeal because prospective homebuyers, like those looking for Buckhead real estate, want ease and comfort in their new homes.

There are many additions you can make to your home for under $1,000. For example, installing a smart fridge with various water-dispensing options and smart thermostats are pluses. Safety-enhancing gadgets are also in trend, including security cameras, smart door locks, and outdoor lighting. These accouterments will likely capture the attention of tech-savvy buyers.

Make your home more green

Homebuyers are also beginning to look for energy efficiency. As the climate crisis worsens, many Americans are choosing to become more mindful of their environmental impact and are thinking about how their home can better contribute to the environment in a less harmful way. This is true not simply because energy efficiency is a responsible way to approach homeownership. In practicality, these appliances will cut down on utility costs, making energy-efficient appliances particularly appealing to the potential homebuyer.

As previously mentioned, smart thermostats are a terrific way to improve energy efficiency. Installing double-pane windows ensures that heat does not escape. It was recently determined by 36% of realtors that installing solar panels to the roof of a home increased the perceived property value of a home.

Remodel and stage

Remodeling can seem like a daunting task. But it has been noted time and again that small remodels, especially in the kitchen or bathrooms, can maximize your ROI when it comes to selling your home.

Professional staging is another excellent investment when selling your house, and it is sure to impress those interested in homes for sale in Buckhead. Professional home stagers typically charge between $1,000-$3,000 nationwide. Stagers will add charm, space, and cohesion to each of your rooms using color coordination, plants, and furniture. According to the National Association of REALTORS, 47% of buyers’ agents agreed that home staging affected their clients’ opinions of the homes they browsed. The home staging process may include an assessment of your home, preparation of documents outlining furniture suggestions and room layouts, color scheme ideas that incorporate existing paint jobs and decluttering or organization services.

Get minor repairs out of the way

Every home, including the homes for sale in Buckhead, goes through normal wear and tear. This just means your home is truly a place where you’ve felt comfortable and at home. However, those squeaky doors or windows, paint scratches, dents, and dings can be off-putting to a prospective buyer.

For some quick fixes, try touching up moldings or door frames. Spray some WD-40 on those noisy hinges or replace them. Refinishing hardwood floors can significantly contribute to a positive impression on a potential homebuyer. In addition, test toilets, smoke detectors, and windows before inviting buyers into your home.
Once you get a lucrative ROI on your house, you will be ready to dive into the Buckhead real estate scene for your next home! Are you ready to buy or sell in Buckhead? Reach out to trusted local agent Will Letton for expert guidance.


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