Honest Pros and Cons of Living in Midtown Atlanta

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Midtown Atlanta is a great neighborhood for young professionals to settle down. If you've been contemplating a move to Midtown Atlanta, you're certainly not alone! This bustling neighborhood has a lot to offer, from beautiful homes to world-class restaurants. However, no place is perfect, and it's important to weigh the pros and cons to determine if Midtown Atlanta is the right fit for you. So grab a cup of your favorite beverage, and let's dive right in!

Pros and Cons of Living in Midtown Atlanta

Pro: Excellent Housing

One of the stand-out features of Midtown Atlanta is the superb housing options it offers. From historic homes to modern luxury apartments, there is a wide array of architectural styles that could suit almost any preference. The quality of housing is high, and amenities often include modern luxuries like state-of-the-art gym facilities, swimming pools, and 24-hour security.

Pro: Entertainment

For those who love a good night out or a cultural day trip, Midtown Atlanta doesn't disappoint. The Fox Theatre, Alliance Theatre, and High Museum of Art are just some of the cultural hotspots that enrich the community.

Pro: Education

Families will be pleased to know that Midtown Atlanta is home to some excellent educational institutions. Public, private, and charter schools offer a range of curriculums, from traditional to Montessori methods, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to flourish.

Con: Growth and Sprawl

Midtown Atlanta pulses with the vitality and ambition of a city constantly on the move, and it's an exciting but double-edged reality. As skyscrapers pierce the horizon and businesses burgeon, spreading their roots deeper into the fabric of the community, we find ourselves grappling with the complexities of growth. The skyline morphs almost daily, symbolizing a dynamic future but also casting ever-lengthening shadows over what used to be familiar streets and cozy neighborhoods.

Yes, prosperity comes at a price. The very development that attracts us — new job opportunities, increased amenities, and cultural hubs — also threatens to suffocate the warmth and intimacy that once defined Midtown. Every gleaming high-rise can feel like a monument to progress but also a reminder that the city we knew is being layered over by a newer, denser version of itself. It's an emotional tension, a tug-of-war between the nostalgic past and an alluring but uncertain future.

Con: Traffic and Commutes

Atlanta is known for its traffic woes, and Midtown is no exception. Commuting can be challenging, especially during peak hours.

Con: Summer Heat

For those accustomed to milder climates, summers in Midtown Atlanta can be an almost overwhelming experience. As you step outside and the humidity engulfs you, it’s as if the city itself is challenging your resolve. Will you wilt under the heat, or will you, like Atlanta, rise from the ashes of discomfort and adapt? Summer in Atlanta is a trial by fire, or more accurately, by heat — and it's one that leaves you, for better or worse, profoundly changed. It’s a season that, despite its trials, thrums with the life and energy of a city unwilling to be beaten, even by the relentless Southern sun. Despite the heat, Midtown Atlanta is an incredible place to make a home, where luxury amenities such as swimming pools and central air conditioning make the heat bearable.

More things to love about Midtown Atlanta


For foodies, there are many great Midtown Atlanta restaurants to enjoy.

  • South City Kitchen Midtown specializes in Southern cuisine with a modern twist.
  • 5Church Midtown offers a variety of upscale dishes in a sophisticated setting.
  • Urban Hai brings authentic Asian flavors right to Midtown Atlanta.
  • Poor Calvin's is well-known for its fusion of Asian and Southern cuisine.
  • AltaToro serves up tantalizing Latin American dishes.
  • Holeman and Finch Public House offers contemporary American cuisine with a focus on local ingredients.
  • Rumi's Kitchen - Colony Square is a haven for Persian cuisine lovers.
  • Saints + Council offers diverse international flavors, from European to Asian.
  • Bulla Gastrobar specializes in Spanish tapas, perfect for a casual yet elegant night out.
  • Lyla Lila delivers sumptuous Italian and Southern dishes crafted to perfection.

Midtown Atlanta Cost of Living

Atlanta, Georgia, offers lots of exciting attractions along with a surprisingly affordable cost of living when compared to other major cities in the US. Homeowners can benefit from various housing options ranging from single-family homes to luxury apartments — while renters also have access to more attractive deals these days. Moreover, food and transportation costs remain quite reasonable compared with other areas within the country, making Atlanta well worth considering if you want quality of life without blowing your budget. The below chart uses a baseline of 100 (the national average) and demonstrates how Atlanta is reasonable compared to the rest of the country.

COST OF LIVING Atlanta Georgia USA
Overall 109.4 94.5 100
Grocery 98.8 95.5 100
Health 98.8 99.8 100
Housing 114.6 82.4 100
Median Home Cost $364,300 $308,200 $338,100
Utilities 103.6 103.2 100
Transportation 122.7 105.1 100
Miscellaneous 103.4 83.8 100

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